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My first time doing spiritual healing in Vancouver happen in my client’s car . It’s not as small as I think and the case is about what I am most familiar with , relationship. I have to use English throughout the session and the process is smooth and effective that increase my confidence in English much ! The client gave me CAD10 tips at the end of the session as well. Hdigabtt ?

第一次在Vancouver 做心靈療癒竟然是在客人的車上,原來車子後座沒有我想像中擠逼,今次又是處理我最熟手的感情問題,仲要全程用英文,過程非常很順利而且效果很好,令我很滿足,也對自己的英文的信心大增,完成之後客人仲比左CAD10貼士, hdigabtt????